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“We don’t belong to just one dream,
as we don’t belong to just one country”


Sanchez Style Empowerment

High End Image Consultant.

I won’t help you to dress up, I will help you to Empower your own personality.

23 years expertise in International Design.

Fashion Design Degree & Master in Istituto Marangoni, Milan Italy.

Chamba Services

CHAMBA Services

Tech Mobile App.

Mobile platform that connects workers & clients for domestic services to give a solution in a safe, and fast digital way.

Trial market, Mexico City.



Holding & Managing Company.

International Commerce and Finance for Business Strategies within Europe.

About me

About me

With over 10+ years running and owning companies in the industrial sector and in the construction field, my professional life has gone through two main changes. The first one: transforming from a high-end Fashion Designer into a Business Entrepreneur, and the second one: switching from operating in my home country (Mexico) to the European and now, the Dutch market.


As a challenge lover, I have gathered an international vision after 18 continuous years of travelling and living abroad. I have studied and worked in Milan, New York, Mexico and the Netherlands.


I believe that education is a great asset, but not a guarantee to succeed; it is neither an obstacle to reach your professional goals. I also believe that being part of a relevant network, can bring you to the most interesting projects to open gateways to add the value and wealth (both cultural and financial) to you and those who surround you.

Gender equality

I have the drive to encourage women to pursue their professional goals, since gender equality is still something to achieve in our world.


PIZA International
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